Invisible switch

An invisible luxury that has to be seen


Invisible design : “Less is more”

The “Invisible” switch is very easy to install and meets the highest standards which can be used for every possible surface. The fixture makes it possible to create an in-wall switch, which is elegant, stylish and barely visible.

The INVISIBLE is produced with a composite material which consists out of the same characteristics as plaster. Only this material is stronger and more robust than plaster; you can’t even damage this fixture during installation. This fire resistant and paintable material ensures that the switch really becomes invisible after plastering and painting.

When touching the switch, an elegant light illuminates. The LED lighting reacts and gives feedback while touching. The LED lighting can also change colour, e.g. to go along with indirect lighting.

There are 4 touch zones with colour LED feedback or white LED feedback (12 V DC). This provides an elegant lighting when touching the switch.