Xillo, is choosing for innovative 100% recessed & seamless solutions.

All-in-one solution

The patented material allows you to integrate the Xillo fixtures 100% seamless in any interior. This material offers you the same characteristics as plaster, e.g.: easy to paint and to plaster, but it is much stronger than plaster.

Quick and easy to install

Thanks to the handy indicators and predrilled holes on the Xillo fixtures, you can easily and quickly install your Xillo fixture.

Invest in high-end materials, while decreasing the working hours drastically. A win-win!

Personal service

Our experienced team goes above and beyond to give you the best service. We think along with you to match the perfect Xillo fixture to your needs. Thanks to the in-house production, we are also committed to an on-time delivery.



Xillo has been awarded the authenticity ‘Handmade In Belgium’ label. This label is the result of a series of extensive audits, honouring Belgian craftmanship.

All components are designed and manufactured in Belgium. Therfore, we are very proud to name our Xillo products “Handmade In Belgium”.