Seamless solutions by Xillo

Looking for a seamless solution to integrate a LED profile? Or do you prefer to blend in your Audio? Thanks to the Xillo fixtures you create an elegant look and feel for every interior.

Quick and easy to install

You achieve this 100% recessed solution by installing only one fixture. Thanks to the handy indicators and pre-drilled holes, you win in set-up time. Invest in this high-end material and decrease the working hours drastically.

100% recessed

With our Xillo fixture, we offer you an all-in-one solution (fitting and fixture in one). Install the fixture in the ceiling or wall and finish up with plaster. No visible lines anymore thanks to Xillo, 100% recessed. No need for an extra mounting kit. We also offer different kind of brackets, combined with multiple LED light sources. The brackets click into the fixture with a magnet system. 

Stronger than plaster

The patented composite material allows you to integrate the Xillo fixtures 100% seamless in any interior. This material has the same characteristics as plaster, so you can easily paint and plaster it. Thanks to the composite, the fixture will move along with the plaster (expand or shrink), in this way you avoid any cracks. Furthermore, the material is more robust and stronger than plaster! Xillo fixtures are really robust, if you drop the fixture on the floor, no cracks will occur. Thanks to the well known Xillo pattern the plaster will easily be fixed.