Integrated switches no gap

Our design products make a visual statement in each interior.

Xillo can provide you with the electronics and special wallbox made out of our patented material to be placed behind a Glass, Corian®, Stone, Ceramic or Wooden wall.  This way a foolproof installation of any integrated switch is possible: with gap, no gap, invisible…

Furthermore, we can guide you with the instructions and dimensions regarding the cut-out on the back of those materials.

The Integrated Switches are the Electronics which, combined with an Integrated Walbox and the cut-out of your wall’s finish, create a custom-made capacitive touch–based switch.

The switch has respectively 4 touch zones with individual RGB LED feedback coming from the small LED hole(s) or either from the switch’s corners (in case of the Intensity Invisible electronics). The electronics support short, long functions,. Each switch has a temperature sensor in place.

The Integrated Wallbox Without Gap combined with the Electronics results in a 100% integrated capacitive touch based switch. No gap, no frills. Since the cut-out from your wall finish is used in the switch assembly, the switch can be made fully integrated in the wall finish of your choice while still maintaining the characteristic looks of our stern switch.

Please note that the Intensity Integrated Electronics have to be ordered separately.