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Invisible socket (no gap)

When it comes to designer sockets, we have it covered!


Do you like a seamless interior? The patented composite material allows you to integrate your cover frame 100% seamless in any interior.

Another advantage is that our product is stronger, more robust and is perfectly manufactured to the customer’s desire.

They are compatible with the Gira 55, Berker S.1, Hager WYS400, Legrand SL CREO, Merten System M, Jung 1520WW… (systems 55×55). Inserts must be purchased individually.

Xillo thought excessively about the installation of the recessed fixture. Thanks to the handy indicators and pre-drilled holes, you win in set-up time. Invest in this high-end material and decrease the working hours drastically.

We gladly contemplate together with the client on how to implement the interior elements. We accept every possible challenge.

In an interior, details make all the difference. Above all, we provide aesthetic and functional added value in every interior.