Linio – L1500

LINIO, the Xillo fixture for a beautiful linear LED integration.


Integrate the fixture for a linear LED quick and easy, thanks to unique characteristics of the Xillo material. Install this all-in-one fixture and finish it the way you like. Thanks to the fact that you can easily mechanically adjust these fixtures, you can blend in Linio in different kind of designs.

  • Orientation: fixed
  • Fitting: flexible LED strip
  • Profile + diffuser: standard included
  • Lamp: not included
  • Lamp opening: 16 mm
  • Cut out: plasterboard (PB): 104 mm x (required length + 4mm)
  • Implementation: possible in wall, ceiling or floor.
  • Designs: U-shapes, L-shapes etc.

More technical information? Download our technical datasheet here.