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Diago – BLS01

Blend in your audio speakers Bose® OmniJewel® in your home cinema and create a uniform recessed look.


Xillo makes even this Bose® OmniJewel® audio speaker perfectly recessed. This speaker is nicely integrated in the ceiling and in your home theater.

  • Fitting: suitable for Bose® OmniJewel® – Lifestyle 650
  • Speaker: not included
  • Opening: 45 x 52 mm
  • Cut out:
    • plasterboard (PB): 169 x 169 mm
    • concrete (CC): Ø 107 mm
  • Total installation depth: 110 mm
    Note: 85 mm (if you cut the brackspring with a sheet metal scissor).

More technical information? Download our technical datasheet here or below.


Like to match your speakers with your lighting? Then combine these speaker fixtures with our Nivello recessed lighting range. Perfect combination because the opening of the fixtures has the same dimensions.